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Philip Hartman : 15-Year-Old Inventor of Steam Viper

May 25th, 2011 | By TY

Philip Hartman Steam Viper

Philip Hartman : 2008 Young Inventor of the Year

15-year old Philip Hartman of Loveland, Colorado won the Young Inventor of the Year Award for 2009 at the Colorado Inventor Showcase for his invention of the Steam Viper. This is the first car windshield wiper that uses steam to keep the windshield clean.

Philip Hartman became an entrepreneur when he was eight-years-old. That’s when he started building slingshots that shot both BB’s and arrows.

Today, a home-schooled high school senior at the ripe age of fifteen, Philip spends most of his time cultivating two somewhat more advanced entrepreneurial ventures. One is a new system for fusing optical fibers that is cheaper, more efficient, and more dependable – an invention for which Philip won the 2008 Young Inventor of the Year award.

The other is called Steam Viper. It’s a device that emits steam onto a windshield and is capable of defrosting a frost-covered windshield in about 15 seconds.

“I could never learn what I’m learning at college. They don’t teach it there, because it can’t be learned in that way.”

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