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Raekwon, Kanye, and Justin Bieber collabo?

August 18th, 2010 | By MissAKQ


So according to Raekwon, it looks like there is def a collaboration in the works for these three.  I could see Justin linking up with Yeezy on some tunes, but Raekwon? Okaaay, dope and unexpected.  I love when different artists come together and collab on music that you wouldn’t normally expect.  Some examples, B.O.B. has def been hitting this mark, his current hit “Magic” has Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo on it!  Kid Cudi with MGMT “Pursuit of Happiness”.  (I’ll spare you the details on my love for MGMT in another post. haha).  The Linkin Park and Jay-Z collaboration was classic. Which artists would you like to see come together for some good music making?

Raekwon on his Verse:

“All I did was ride the beat and listen to what he was singing to. I can go basic when I want to. I can go rated R, I can go rated PG. I definitely didn’t give him anything that I thought was too hot to be spoken on by a 16-year-old. I know how to read beats, and listening to the record, I just complemented. At the end of my 16 [bars], when you do hear Justin coming, it fits and it’s a great sound. I didn’t go crazy.”

“One thing people gotta recognize about me, I’m the Chef. I know how to make spicy food, I know how to make food that ain’t spicy. I made something that fit the criteria. Me and Kanye are just here to sprinkle a little bit more love on this man’s success and all our success.”

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  1. Koy says:

    no way!

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