Young and Gifted


  1. Lauryn Hill is back!! An im truly loving the sound, Lauryn has always been a big inspiration in the R&B world…sucks I didnt get to go to ROCK THE BELLS &see her perform! We just need to keep our fingers crossed that the radio stations and music execs will allow the soul of R&B music back on the air waves…Mary J. Blige is the only artist thats stood true to R&B and they are trying to dwindle in playing her now, while ignoring R&B artist like Ledisi, Chrissette Michelle, Janelle Monea, and other great artist. Now if only Queen Latifah were to make a come back with a real rap album like she did with Black Reign.

    p.s. I love Lauryn`s views & the things she talks about in her music..cant wait for the cd to drop!!

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