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New Michael Jackson Album 2010 in the Works

July 26th, 2010 | By TY


New Michael Jackson Album in the Works

Rodney Jerkins a.k.a. Darkchild and Ray J are in the lab working on a new Michael Jackson album featuring unreleased material. Michael was such a perfectionist that his B-Quality tracks will probably trump most of the best tracks current artists have to offer. Don’t expect tons of posthumous albums like Death Row did with 2pac’s material (Death Row is notorious for releasing anything and everything for maximum profit). If the release does actually drop (cough cough.. Detox) will Darkchild do MJ justice?

Let MJ rest? Or are you itching to hear the new tunes?

13 Responses to “New Michael Jackson Album 2010 in the Works”

  1. mili j says:

    mj the goat!

  2. MissAKQ says:

    how about we let MJ rest in peace and enjoy his music he already provided for us.

  3. Tiffany says:


  4. Tiffany says:

    don’t ruin it! love your blog.

  5. Amber B says:

    ohh god don’t ruin his legacy now

  6. Tee Hamburg says:

    Damn right!

  7. Apartments Marbella says:

    Hello, Michael was the greatest.His biggest song is Billie Jean,I love it!.

  8. Jaimee Merganthaler says:

    Its extremely quite tough to believe that michael is no more..he was the king of pop…he’ll remain in my heart forever.i’m his greatest fan evr.

  9. hiphop promo says:

    please dont taint MJs legacy with half ass new songs

  10. Isaiah Stokel says:

    I still can not believe Mr. Jackson is passed away. Always really liked his art. He really was a master of music. Thx for this, brought me back remembering him.

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